The Floyd County Parks Board and the Town of Georgetown agreed to an Inter-Local Agreement on March 2, 2015.  The agreement will allow the Floyd County Parks Department to organize and operate 2015 Spring, Summer and Fall Softball Leagues and Softball Tournaments at Georgetown Park field.  The Adult Softball Leagues will be supervised by League Director Billy Haller.  For more information contact the Parks Office at 812-948-5360 or Mr. Haller at 502-939-8336.

The Floyd County Indiana Parks and Recreation Department invites you to participate in the Spring, Summer and Fall Softball leagues being held at Georgetown Park.



The Floyd County Parks Department will be providing Coed and Men's Softball Leagues during the fall months at Georgetown Park. 


Tuesday Coed Softball League--Begins 8/18/15 - Schedule/Results - Tournament 

Thursday Men's Softball League--Begins 8/20/15 - Schedule/Results - Tournament

Friday Coed Softball League--Begins 8/21/15 - Schedule/Results - Tournament